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american diabetes ass.

American Diabetes Association: Leading the Fight to Stop Diabetes

The Hope for a Cure
Is In Your Hands

Barbara MacDonald

Barbara MacDonald has experienced first-hand the benefits of innovations in diabetes care. Over the last 65 years, she has gone from using glass syringes to insulin pumps.

We know investing in research pays off, but current financial constraints are putting our work at risk.

Make a contribution today to ensure funding is available to advance the science needed to save lives.
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Help Us Advance Diabetes Research!

Dear rodrigo,

A few weeks ago, we hosted more than 15,000 top scientists, physicians, and other health care professionals at our 69th Annual Scientific Sessions — the world's largest diabetes conference — to share the latest cutting-edge research, treatment recommendations, and advances toward a cure for diabetes.

It was so inspiring to see the potential of these scientific advances!

In 2008, the Association funded $42.5 million in diabetes research. With our support, thousands of researchers are working tirelessly toward a common goal: a day when diabetes no longer exists.

But we can't reach this goal alone.

The economic downturn, staggering costs, and increased demands for research funding, are putting many of our life-saving initiatives at risk.

We're asking everyone with diabetes — or who has a loved one with diabetes — to team up with us to support innovations in the research lab. The hope for a cure is in the hands of diabetes scientists.

Our success record demonstrates our commitment to ongoing diabetes research.

Breakthrough discoveries partially funded by the Association include the invention of the first glucose meter, the portable insulin pump, and the introduction of more effective forms of insulin, among many others.

Today, you can change the course of diabetes. Your support will help fund research initiatives needed to have a better understanding of diabetes, improve treatments and — one day — find a cure.

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Larry Hausner
Larry Hausner
Chief Executive Officer
American Diabetes Association

P.S.  Some of the advances in diabetes research presented at the 69th Scientific Sessions* included:

  • Measuring the A1C as the new way to test for the diagnosis of diabetes.
  • The role genes play in glycemic control in people with Type 1 diabetes.
  • Factors affecting intensive glucose control in Type 2.
  • A comparison between the effects of prompt bypass surgery (angioplasty) and drug therapy in people with Type 2 diabetes.

Discussing these initial findings is a great start, but more work will be required from diabetes scientists to translate them into information that health care professionals can use to treat their patients. Do your part to help them advance diabetes research. Make a donation today.

* To learn more about the 69th Scientific Sessions, click here.

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